<![CDATA[CERES - devblog]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:53:01 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Development blog 9th of september 2015]]>Wed, 09 Sep 2015 09:19:51 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/development-blog-9th-of-september-2015This is the end. A date has been set by the publishers(Iceberg Interactive) and I agree with it. 

Funny. I was planning on releasing this game 6 months earlier. But this is a good thing. The game is bug free(ish), or at least as bug free as I can get it. Delays delays delays. Estimate the time to complete the game, double it, and add three months. That's the date you will aim for and miss.

It's a big project. The end game size is around 1.06 GB and the game contains a lot of text, audio files and whatnot. 
And the game is complex. So much going on. The biggest drain will be on the CPU, not the GPU. All the turrets have their own scripts to find targets, the NPC captain AI checks the status of each ship in range before deciding who to target. Some missiles seek new targets, each ship checks the proximity of others e.t.c. Lots going on. Gravity holes need to check every object within range, lightning clouds too.... PD system must know of every missile...
Calculate the damage base on hit direction, armor available, resistances, perks, skills....
So many arrays... 

The save game feature was and is a pain in the ass. It's a bit slow, loading and saving can take about 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on how much loot is in each scene and on the scene itself.
This save game feature was my first attempt at saving a game state as big as in Ceres. Loot, modules, asteroids, captains. mission status, all takes time to save. It's a bit of a blunt force approach.
I'm not going to try to improve the save game feature. It's working and I don't want to mess with it. Every time I try, something breaks.

There were so many bugs in the game. 2 months worth of bug hunting and fixing.
Typos mostly but also "crazy click here frantically while this is happening" errors. "Do something and quickly save the game" errors, "Click here and summon Cthulhu while dancing on the grave of dead fireflies" errors.
But yes, there where bugs and errors that needed fixing. Game blockers, critical errors and major ones. I never want to do the job of a game tester. Great work from them. 

I do hope this game will be well received. I hope it sells well. 
19.99 Euros will be the prize. I think it is a fair prize for it. If it sells well enough I will create some DLC for it. I'm thinking a campaign around Jupiter maybe, lots of moons there to play with. More missions, more ships, more modules and new areas. I've been wanting to do a mission near a surface. Maybe open up the locked ones in the Solar map. Hell I might look at multi player skirmishes.

Next is letting the press get their hands on the game. Build up a little buzz around it and take a vacation. I think seriously need a little R&R.

<![CDATA[Development update  19th of March, 2014.]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2015 11:30:15 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/development-update-19tth-of-march-2014
Some news :)
As some may know, Ceres has been picked up by the publisher Iceberg Interactive.
Iceberg Interactive has direct line into Steam so no need for Ceres to go through GreenLight. (Which I'm pretty sure it would fly through).
Yay, no more need to try to draw attention to the game. Focus on the development.

I've been working on adding more modules, more variations, etc. Creating some images for each module, internal and External. I've been using Blender which works nice, but there is sometimes issues with exporting the modules. But I have to power through that.

Iceberg has approved the beta and hopefully Ceres will become a release candidate soon. :)

I've also created new portraits for the captains using Mixamo fuse, blender and Unity3D. 
I create the character in Mixamo, export it into Blender, Add the armature there and then export it into Unity for posing and taking pictures. With Unity Pro and some fancy lightning I've managed to get pretty good images. 

The missions in the game are around 20 + the main mission which is split into 8 parts. 
All missions are unique. There are a few "Go there and Destroy everything" type missions but they are unique. Missions now have money and item rewards. Ships and modules. 

I've also added a feature to allow the player to change the coloring on his ships. You switch between a limited number of textures for your ship and for your weapons. This should allow you to create your own unique looking ships. The colors will need to be tweaked a bit, see what fits best.

I'm mostly polishing the game now. Fixing small errors here and there. Tweaking the XP awards and level gain etc. 
Adding some database info here and there. Adding stuff for the player to find, treasure caches for factory manufacture. 
I'm done with programming the features. Its all just minor fixes and stuff.
The save game features is done, although its a bit slow still. Lots of stuff to save.

I am currently modifying the game for localization. This is quite a headache, a lesson learned here.
So many buttons, so many labels... so much text. 
<![CDATA[Development update  1st of December. 2014.]]>Mon, 01 Dec 2014 09:25:19 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/development-update-1st-of-december-2014Picture
Development update.
The last months I've been working on various things. Graphics, game play, bugs and missions.

almost all the ships have now physical based rendering. Very nice and pretty. This really adds nice detail to the ships and gives them more depth. No longer flat and boring.
anti aliasing has been added too. You can control it the the menu.

I've also updated damage effects and created some very nice dust clouds.
Also the asteroids have been given a once over, a little more detail added, mine-able asteroids now have a distinct look depending on what they contain.

Not much has actually changed, but I've added the ability to launch boarding drones to capture ships. How it works is that you launch a drone that contains a certain number of crew (This won't affect your own ships crew). If the boarding drone reaches its target and attaches itself to the target it will start fighting the on board crew. If it wins you will gain control of the ship permanently.

Each drone contains a small number of crew, so that if you were to try and capture a frigate, you would probably need 2 or 3 boarding drones and for a cruiser 3 to 6. Once you gain control of your target ship, you can control it immediately but the ship will have limited crew and no captain, so it will perform rather poorly. If you have no room for another ship in your squad, the captured ship will be moved to your ship reserves.

You can also find salvageable ships to fix and gain control over at the cost of Solaris (money).

I've also added a simple difficulty level into the game. It simply changes how much damage the enemy deals to your ship. Its pretty basic. I did think about making the difficulty level control the number of enemies in each scene, but that is a headache for another day.

Also some new environment effects have been added, Gravity wells and lightning clouds.
Gravity wells either push or pull, they affect all ships, missiles, and projectiles. If an item gets too close to the center of the well it will start to take damage.

Same old, same old, hunt down minor bugs here and there. I've stopped finding game breaking bugs in the game. Most bugs are just annoying little errors.
The save game feature is always a bit trouble some, lots of stuff to keep track of.

I've been adding missions here and there, but mostly I've been focused on the main mission. 
Currently is split into 8 parts which and each part should take an hour plus to finish.
The main mission takes the player to new interesting and hopefully fun areas, including the inside of a gargantuan asteroid, corrosive and/or lightning clouds and other dangerous places.

The asteroid was a bit difficult. But I used blender and "metaball" to create some caverns and tunnels inside the asteroids. Ship navigation inside the asteroid is quite easy. One just has to be a bit careful.
Although I had to turn of the frontal collision avoidance system for the ships inside the asteroid. 
The ships tried to go around the tunnel, which is not possible.

A few new ships have been added, mostly cruisers, but I've created some domes to attach to asteroids, to act as weapon bases.

I've added a new type of missile, Cluster missile. It fires like an ordinary missile, but when it's within a certain range of its target, it breaks up into multiple missiles and tracks the target. 

I've also added friend or foe missiles. I've yet to decide if those missiles system can be bought or you need to use a perk to get them. They are quite powerful.

<![CDATA[Dev blog 21st of September.]]>Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:43:55 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/dev-blog-21st-of-septemberI've been on a semi vacation of late, doing no programming, but I've been playing the part of producer a bit. 
Planning and playing with excel.

Game Textures.
I've been seeking to improve the graphics of the game, namely the textures. 
The textures will be brought a bit up to date with the latest standards. Normal maps, shine, Physic based rendering.
Now, textures is something I haven't given much thought too. I have my hands full with writing missions, programming the game, creating weapons and internal modules and more and more to start learning how to do textures.
So I leave the textures in the hands of someone with the know how.

I've finished writing up the main mission. It's currently 12 parts, but I might reduce that number if i feel its too long.
The main mission involves around gathering the 12 parts of the Dii Consentes( The 12 parts of the A.I. needed to fix the wormhole). I've written hopefully interesting scenarios which complicate the players effort to gather the parts. Its no simple fetch missions. The parts are coveted by various factions and some of the parts might have gone a little crazy. 

It's interesting to write missions for space scenes.  Since space is a open area, its not like I can create dungeons to explore, but I can create interesting areas using the clouds, asteroids, derelict ships and space anomalies.
Although I've done some experimentation with an huge hollow asteroid, which sort of is a dungeon... 
I successfully navigated  a single ship through the huge asteroid, So I'm pretty sure a asteroid dungeon will be part of the game, maybe more than one.

Factories have been added to the game. They allow you to use various materials to construct whatever is available in the game. Ammo, drones, missiles, modules and weapons. The Idea is that you find blueprints in the game and you use your collected materials to construct special items. 
The factories work, but you can only construct simple things currently. I've been playing with the idea of allowing the player to construct ships, but ships would require a rather gargantuan ship with a lots of material for construction, like the Homeworld ship.  You would need a home base of some sort. There are huge ships in the game. Mobile trade stations which the player could own and operate. (Not as trade stations). It's a thought.

Ship capture  
There are boarding drones in the game. They have not been implemented yet. But the idea is that they would be a one shot deal. Fire the boarding drone at a target, hope it hits. It will then burrow its way through the armor. More armor more time, Once through a internal battle will rage inside the ship. The bigger the ship, the more drones you will need.
If you manage to take over the ship, you will have a ship with no captain, 3 crew members and an on board A.I(Hacked to serve you).
With a low crew member number your ship will operate rather badly.
As you can currently only control six ships at a given time, any new ship would be moved to your ship reserves.

Boarding drones
Boarding drones will not only be used to capture ships. They will also be needed to board various ships, stations and other interesting places. It's basically a boarding shuttle.
For ship capture they will be a one shot deal, but for other purposes it will be reusable. 

The game will contain a rather lot of dialog. I am thinking of trying to reduce it a bit. So it won't consume the player time and attention. Currently in the Alpha demo, there is audio for Captain Octavius. Please note that this does not mean that all the dialog will have audio. Audio is expensive. I'm planning on having the audio like in the original Fallout games.
Only selective characters will have audio. Other will be text only. 

I've been thinking about changing the window for the dialog. The current one works fine, but is limited by its size.
Its a bit cramped down there in its little corner. Maybe add a little popup window.I'm trying to make it fit into a standalone resolution. 
<![CDATA[Development blog.  2nd of September]]>Tue, 02 Sep 2014 12:20:48 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/development-blog-2nd-of-septemberHello everybody.

It's been a while since anything was posted here. But I've been busy.
There is now a version 0.97.1 alpha demo available.
I will now only be creating Linux and Windows versions. Mac isn't playing nice with my machine.

Lots of stuff has been updated.
New perks.
Perk data updated.
The UI has been improved.
Hacking and module targeting improved.
A Sav egame feature has been added, although it is a work in progress. May not work completely.
Modules and ship data updated.
Price for modules updated, etc.
Factory function added. It allows the player currently to manufacture ammo for cannons, missiles etc.
Player can now change his character name and image.
Various fixes to station trade.
Random encounter generation.
Cinematic camera feature. Instead of grabbing your camera. The game will now display a small window to show you items of interest.
Added key binding at the Ceres configuration screen.
Follow order added to Quick GUI. This allows you to order your ships to follow one ship. It works well if you want to control just one ship and make the others in your fleet follow it.
The follow order works for both friendly and hostile targets although Issuing a follow order on a hostile ship will order your ship to attack the target.
Radar range has been changed. Its been extended to a factor of 3. Various scenes now affect your radar range. The Khaos could for instance reduces your radar range by 66%. Clouds can also reduce is even further.

Fleet view updated. You can now control your modules in detail. Turn them off or on or change their power usage.
Tactical view has been changed. You now cycle through 3 views. First is ships, second loot, and third both.

Whats next? 
Improve the save game load time.  
More content is being added. More ships, more modules, etc.
Work is progressing on creating new scenes. New missions and interesting stuff.
Game tutorial improvement. I know the game is a bit complex to get into. As the designer it's quite easy to play. This is needed!
A.I window will be changed. The Attributes will be removed and replaced with A.I. info window.

A faction window will be added. Here you can see each faction hostility towards you. You will also be able to change their disposition towards you by paying a fee. This should allow you to stop the Terran Alliance from destroying you... 
This will also work with the pirates, although only temporary. A fixed no fire time. 

The game is about to reach a feature freeze stage. That means I will stop adding new features, unless something fun and interesting or vital will appear of course, that won't take too long to implement.

The one thing about the game that is bugging me the most is the formations function.
Its use seems to me be a bit limited.
Currently you just create formation that you use with a created group. Select the group and select the formation. Issue a move order and a formation plane will appear and all ships will move to their placement.

What I would like is that the ships would use your player ship as their leader, place themselves into their formation position to him. That way the ships would follow you and try to stay in formation.
This is probably something that is needed.

-Tryggvi Hákonarson
Lead designer.

<![CDATA[June 28th, 2014]]>Sat, 28 Jun 2014 17:10:21 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/1Of late I've been working on various errors found by my bug testers. Many minor and major bugs have been found and corrected. There are probably more yet to be found.

The majority of my time of late has been spent on the save game feature of the game. 
Its the most anoying and frustrating thing I've had to do for this game. 

Its a bit complex feature for this game since the ships have so many scripts that affect their behaviour and all other various scripts thatr make up the game. 

Ships have different weapons, modules etc. A Pain In My Royal Ass.
Its currently a bit time consuming to save and load. At the max its taking about 20 seconds to load a save game. I have some ideas to to cut that time down. 
The save game feature is now working, but there are probably some bugs in it, hopefully no game breakers. 

For those who are interested, the method I use is to save the state of a scene in a seperate file. All
player data in its own file, ships, captains, modules etc. 
The save game feature goes recursively through each Game object marked for save and saves its data. This data includes scripts and transforms,
rigidbody etc.
This allows for easy addition of new scripts and objects, but Its a bit time consuming in usage.
Specific data or more complex ones are saved more directly.

I've promised myself that the next game I will work on will be designed first most with a save game function in mind!

The game is reaching a feature freeze phase.
We will not be adding any more features to the game as of now, we will only be adding the final touches to the hacking feature of the game. 

Its time to start adding content.
The first place we have added is the Neferis Graveyard. 
 “The Neferis debris field or graveyard is a battle site filled  with flotsam, derelicts and vestiges of spaceships.  It is around this  location that a century ago the Terran Alliance fought and
 routed an ruined faction knows as Carthago.”
 The Neferis Graveyard is a place for scavengers, pirates and  insane A.I.s Unlike
 the first scene its open black space, where your radar range is  much greater. Combat is fought at longer distances, often with  nothing to hide behind. Its easier to dodge incoming cannon rounds. 

We are aiming to have 6 large areas for the player to explore, along with 4 to 5 minor
If we have enough time we will add more areas.

<![CDATA[What we've be doing lately..]]>Wed, 14 May 2014 11:52:08 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/what-weve-be-doing-latelyOf late we have been bug hunting. 
A lot of our time has gone into finding and fixing minor and major bugs in the game control and the ship behavior.
Always a fun time I must say!
I'm quite relived to have gotten testers. 
Programming, testing and designing is quite stressful and I'm glad that people are willing to take the load of us.
So yet again I say thank you!

Now on to other stuff.
We've added a limiter to the ships the player can have at any given time. Currently we've settled on 6 ships.
It seems to be a nice round number. It's the typical 6 member party number that is used in top down RPG games.
And it seems to working quite well. 

We've also added formations. 
Its a bit quick and dirty (Minor vibrating errors in formation plane.) But it works.
It allows you to  Set up 4 formations of your own. They work well with the precision movement, also with the double click movement but to a less degree. The ships do their best.

Collision damage has been added to the big ships. Drones ignore collision. Those buggers tend to fly into everything they see! 

Finally begun work on the Cyber hacking element of the game, or shall I say continued. 
It will probably be scaled down from what we originally intended. We are running against the clock here and we can't keep adding stuff to the game.  
The last feature to be added will be the cyber hacking. After that we will continue construction more scenes for the game. 

And oh  yes. We are working on the camera as well. The way it grabs your control of the camera when something interesting is happening is not good!
We will be adding some icons that pop up when something interesting is happening. Move your mouse over the icon and a image will display the item of interest. Click on the icon and your camera will jump there.
This feature is coming along nicely in the programming department and will be easy to implement.

We will be uploading a new version of the demo soon, with most of the reported bugs fixed. 

Tryggvi Hákonarson.
Main developer and a tiny stressful parrot.

<![CDATA[Design Blog IV: a Game of Drones]]>Fri, 11 Apr 2014 09:03:43 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/design-blog-iv-a-game-of-drones    In Ceres it is possible to install a drone bay in your ship, and launch drones to perform a variety of tasks. Drones can scout, mine, gather loot, repair, attack, defend and even board other ships ! A drone is an unmanned miniature ship that weights about 30 tons. It has short range, is mostly blind, unarmored and can at best carry a small fixed weapon. Still, it provides any ship a stand-off offensive capability and the ability to interact with the environment.

    Not all ships can launch drones: you need a drone bay internal module to do so. There are drone bays of different sizes that can host different numbers of active drones -ranging from 1 for the smallest bays to about 8+ for the larger bays. Corvettes and frigates will have trouble carrying lots of drones without sacrificing other capabilities.

    Drones are managed in the following manner in Ceres: you may carry as many spare drones as you can on your ship, but only a small number can be active -the number allowed by the drone bay. This is due to the logistic needs of a drone: you need to have the right spares, the right ammunition and other things specific to each one of them -all of which have to be available in the bay.

that's a handsome family of little buggers
    There are eight types of drones, and several models for each type of drones:


    Spy drones are unarmed but are equipped with medium-range passive sensors: they act as scouts or sentries in dangerous areas where you are not willing to risk a whole ship.
    They are half-the-size of the standard drone, so they can be carried in greater numbers in drone bays. This comes at a cost though: they are the only drones that are expandable. Once released, they have a limited run.


     The utility drones are encountered everytwhere as they are used for all kinds of tasks. They mine asteroids, gather debris, resource and cargo but also repair other ships or installations. You should never leave home without them, or use them in environments where you can loose them.


    The gauss gun drones are the cheapest of all offensive drones. They carry a foldable electro-magnetic gun
that fires small shells at their targets. Their gun is smaller than the ones used on ships, and their targeting suite rather more primitive too.
    Do not expect them to attack anything larger than a corvette and survive, but when used in swarms they may prove bothersome.


    The laser drones are the second cheapest of the drones equipped for attack. They house a small laser and are nimble enough to be a bit more than a nuisance to their target. They are great at taking out small or unarmored units, and when used in great numbers, they may distract an enemy enough so as to help you escape or carry your attack with greater success.


    Missile drones are little mobile missile launchers -with just enough thruster power to get into range, maneuver, attack and come back to re-arm. They are directly supplied with missiles from the mothership ammunition stores: when they carry advanced weapons, they can pack quite a punch. Then again, if your ship has good point-defense, neither missile nor drone is likely to make any lasting impression.


    Plasma drones are basically self-propelled plasma chambers -they are the larger weapon mounted on the smallest hull. At close range they can be devastating. If they can get to close range, that is.


    Defense drones are basically a mobile point-defense mount. They orbit around your ship or a specified location and provide protection from missiles, torpedoes, fighters and other drones. They are expensive and hard to find, although they are rumors that the Hydra faction is making very advanced models in great numbers.


Boarding drones are advanced robotic penetrators, mobile nano-factories in their own right. Their mission is to latch onto enemy ships to damage and hack systems. They do so by directly hacking through the external sensor array of the target ship and by releasing creepers: little micro-robots that will seek hull breaches and other weak spots and enter the ship itself.
Such advanced capabilities do not come cheap:  boarding drones are delicate and expensive machines that only technologically advanced factions manufacture.

   Drones can be launched in two different ways. Either by the quick-order menu when clicking on a ship or object, either by the drone sub-menu at the bottom right of the screen. When launching drones with this last method, the drone will automatically select a target.

    Utility drones
can also be activated by the the gather button (that doubles up as mineral counter).
<![CDATA[Design blog III: critical damage]]>Sat, 15 Mar 2014 18:46:48 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/design-blog-iii-critical-damage    If you have read reports and accounts of naval battles, the thing that will strike you is how easily a ship breaks down. It may be an unlucky hit in the boiler room, in the bridge, or a hit in the magazines and the fate of the battle is turned. It is not so much as how luck (or lack thereof) will get you stupidly killed, but how as a commander you manage your squadron when one of your ships suffers a temporary handicap. How quickly can you adapt your tactics when your ship's engine is out, or its gyroscopes make it tumble out of control ? How will you cover your ship that is currently rebooting its on-board artificial intelligence ? What can you do with a vessels whose coolant is leaking ?
    Critical damage is shown in red under your ship, with its repair time shown in seconds. It is shamelessly inspired by the game Wargame: Airland Battle by Eugen Systems.

Ouch ! My ship has severe critical damage: it cannot move, its energy will not be replenishing and it tumbles randomly.

    Critical damage is temporary and concerns all ships, independently of what modules you have installed. It will hinder or cripple your ship for a short while -from 15 to 60 seconds- before it is automatically repaired. It is all about you adapting and making quick decisions.  No two battles are the same with such damage.

list of damages /effect:

- main propulsion
- main generators
- inertia dampener
- capacitor banks
- sensor array
- gyroscopes
- thrusters
- AI reboot
- ammo stores
- coolant leak
- optics
- fire-control
- repair nanobots
- bridge
- turret power
- drone telemetry
ship stops moving (can still turn)
no more energy generated
speed divided by 4
stored energy 'leaks'
scanning range divided by 4
ship tumbles slowly out of control
ship rotation speed divided by 4
cyber attacks&defense/4, no AI bonuses
missiles in store slowly get destroyed
weapons cool-down time x4
range of beam weapons divided by 2
no firing of missiles or torpedoes
no repairing
no captain bonuses, no new targets
turrets cannot rotate
drones go inert, no new drone launch

The chances of critical damage currently look like this:
- a basic low (1-2%) default chance on every hit
- a 1-4% increase depending on the amount of damage the attack deals (may be increased to 1-9%)
- a 1-5% increase depending on the state of the facing armor (may be increased to 1-10%)

Of course, testing will reveal if such odds are fun or not, and we will react accordingly.
<![CDATA[Design Blog II, Artificial Intelligence types and specs]]>Mon, 06 Jan 2014 20:02:39 GMThttp://www.ceresthegame.com/devblog/design-blog-ii-artificial-intelligence-types-and-specs     During the 21st and 22nd century, Artificial Intelligence technology progress peaked then unexpectedly plateaued before the singularity was reached (to the surprise, relief or despair of humans, depending on their convictions). Way before super-A.I.s assisted the governments in every decision, machines were at the helm of starships.
    Because even when a flesh-and-bone captain is in command, the real heart and soul of a ship is its onboard A.I . Indeed, only a machine can really comprehend and finely control a such complex beast as a spaceship.

    In Ceres, every ship has an A.I . This A.I is defined by the following specs:
    - Name
    - Type
    - XP
    - Age

    - Traumas (% of erratic behavior/ seizure under stress)

Crystalline, electronic non-sentient, photonic sentient and animal upper hybrid AIs

    Now, there are quite a few of A.I types in Ceres' universe (the Cataclysm brought back many obsolete types back):

    - Poly-Crystalline/ doped
    - Simili- vegetal
    - Electronic non-sentient
    - Photonic
    - Quantum -interpreted
    - Organic (lower cluster, reptilian, mammalian) , augmented
    - Chimera/ hybrid
    - Amalgamic - inherent sentient
    - Crew gestalt (uses crew interfaced brains to amplify and extend its consciousness)
    - Cyborg (willing/ forced/ enmatrixed)
    - Human Deceased (A.I constructed around the re-built consciousness of a deceased and altered Human)
    - Human pseudo-construct (A.I built around a fake human persona)
    - Self-re-arranging
/ inner-loop meiotic
    - Fractal metamorphic
    - Pure Quantum/ non-aristotelician
    - Poly-dimensional
    - Time-drifting
    - Across the 'brane
    - Deity (lesser/ full)

    Of course, not all types are available to all factions: the more advanced A.Is will only be found in technologically advanced factions -such as the Hydras. Expect most of the ships to be equipped with old tech or suspiciously patched-together pieces of dead monkeys interfaced with a glitchy quantum computer.

gestalt, neural, cyborg [forced] and deceased AIs

    Then, every AI type has different specs:

    - Intelligence (how fast it reacts to new information)
    - Scanning and Detection modifier
    - Attack modifier
    - Repair modifier
    - Engineering modifier
    - Cyber-warfare offense modifier
    - Cyber-warfare defense modifier
    - Resilience (resistance to shock (massive damage) or nearby death of other cluster AIs)
    - Collateral damage (% chances of death for every crewman if the A.I goes down)
    - Sanity (how stable the basic A.I type is)

    - Uprooting difficulty (how dangerous it is to replace the AI)
   - Cost

fractal, quantum [pure], dimensional and destroyed AIs
    Some AI are slow but resilient, others intelligent but with many weak spots, while some AI can literally see beyond the time horizon (at the expense of mental sanity - like Lovecraft) or be super-intelligent with psychotic characteristics.
    You can train some AI in simulators, while AI of damaged ships may suffer past nightmares or glitches (or post-traumatic disorders). Unloading or expurging a malfunctioning AI of a ship is like brain surgery: it is a complex and costly process and might leave malign residue that might turn the next AI into a monster or a mad AI.

    An AI is made of a core and its system extensions: energy, propulsion, sensor, weapons and bridge. Hacking might break into the extensions, and turn them off or destroy them. Or worse: hacking might allow access to the core of the AI and stun/ take over / wipe out the ships' system in their totality.